Privacy Policy

Article 1 / Application
ClashFoot is an application made by OpSoft, a canadian company created in 2009, TPS:825 982 622, TVQ: 400 1906 378,, 1514 290 80 69.

Article 2 / Purpose
ClashFoot, free on the App Store allows to animate feeling and expressions, add voice comment, record and share video by using animojis from ClashFoot. The main purpose of the application ClashFoot, is to allow users to share the emotion they had while watching a football game. The term \”User\” refer to the person who will use the application ClashFoot by using animoji to express his emotion

Article 3 / Copyright
ClashFoot is meant to be used as a parody and to create parody. OpSoft is not claiming an affiliation with any celebrity who is being parodied. All content within Clashfoot is original and there are no celebrity or brand names, only our animojis. OpSoft assume copyright over the images and animojis. User, assume responsibility, whatsoever applicable by use or not use of the images and animojis available in this app.

Article 4 / Originales Videos
Users can share video created using ClashFoot. OpSoft took all dispositions to keep and protect the Intellectual Property Rights and is always keeping the video owner logo or name. Their average lenght is about 30 seconds.

Article 5 / TrueDepth APIs
ClashFoot is using TrueDepth APIs only to create animoji movements. The data provided by TrueDepth api is not saved, nor shared to any other entity. We will not store or retain any data captured by the TrueDepth camera on our servers or use your face Data for any other purpose other than the app’s core usage. Clashfoot does not and will not use your face data to personally identify any application user.

Article 6 / User responsability
The User is solely responsible for the voice comment and animoji his made. The User agree to not produce,share, or make available any voice comment of pornographic nature, representing dangerous, shocking or illegal acts, apologising for crimes against humanity, inciting racial hate or violence, that are insulting, allusory or diffamous, against sound morals…